Dry2Fresh Transition Program

Dry2Fresh is a new, Dutch transition program focused on preventing health problems on dairy farms. Farmer and vet cooperate by assessing risk factors together, scoring cows and keeping track of animal health in the transition period. The vet presents advise on setting goals and improving management for better performance. This way, both farmer and vet work in a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable way.

Dry2Fresh is fully supported by the online application Bluefrog, which presents insights and makes it easy to communicate and collect data.


“With Dry2Fresh, I feel in control of animal health at my farm.”

Mr. Schieven, dairy farmer

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About Dry2Fresh

Hypocalcemia: an underestimated problem on dairy farms

78% of Dutch dairy cows suffers from (subclinical) hypocalcemia at calving. Read more about our research on hypocalcemia.

                    Contents of Dry2Fresh

  • Risk inventarisation (in only 20 minutes)
  • Dry cow score of 20 dry cows
  • BHBA and calcium analysis
  • Advice on housing, rations and management
  • Dry2Fresh report
  • Setting and evaluating targets to improve animal health, sustainability and profitability

Bluefrog supports you with Dry2Fresh

Collect and save data quickly and safely. Clear overviews for direct insight. Automatically calculate costs and missed income. Set targets and download a report.
Bluefrog does it all for you.

How does Dry2Fresh work?

Dry2Fresh involves regular farm visits, which can easily be combined with other forms of prevention and check-ups. The visit frequency depends on farm size. Dry2Fresh is not hard to carry out and support by an expert can be provided at the start.

Would you like to know more? Please contact us for more information.