Bluefrog® is an online veterinary management system, designed for the treatment of animals @point-of-care (in the stable, pasture or practice). The software makes it easy to save, show and share data at any place and time.

The user friendly interface works with Blue4Green’s Labbook® to give direct access to client data and profiles of individual animals. The history, analysis results and soon treatments can be registered easily and efficiently.

With Bluefrog®;

  • you always have your analysis results and customer data at hand,
  • you have clear overviews of your analysis results,
  • you can easily communicate with colleagues and assistants through your intranet,
  • you can easily perform the Dry2Fresh Transition Program,
  • you intensify the contact and cooperation with your clients through your extranet.

At the moment, Bluefrog® is successfully used by veterinary practices to support the Dry2Fresh Transition Program at dairy farms. The vets intensively cooperate with dairy farmers; together they improve the management of the transition phase to prevent health problems. The dairy farmers appreciate this approach, which increases control over animal health and generates revenue.

Soon it will also be possible to compare results of your practice and individual dairy farmers with national benchmarks. The goal is to integrate Bluefrog® with existing management systems and veterinary databases.

All data is stored safely and back-ups are made automatically. The privacy of you and your clients is guaranteed.

Try Bluefrog® for free or contact us for more information.