Analysis @ the point of animal care

Quick analysis in the barn, meadow or clinic.

Would you like to be able to:

  • perform blood analysis within minutes,
  • diagnose and treat immediately,
  • easily save, analyse and share your data,
  • conveniently communicate with your clients,
  • serve your clients better and quicker?

Our products will help you achieve just that. If you have any questions or if you would like to use our products, please contact us.

  • Dry2Fresh Transition Program

    Dry2Fresh is a new, Dutch transition program focused on preventing health problems on dairy farms. Farmer and vet cooperate by assessing risk factors together, scoring cows and keeping track of animal health in the transition period. The vet presents advise …Continue reading

  • Bluefrog®

    Bluefrog® is an online veterinary management system, designed for the treatment of animals @point-of-care (in the stable, pasture or practice). The software makes it easy to save, show and share data at any place and time. The user friendly interface …Continue reading

  • Labbook

    Mobile laboratory and PDA for veterinarians The Labbook® enables veterinarians to read data from Blue4Green’s cartridge and to perform an analysis in a few minutes. Test results are instantly available in clear graphics and stored in the Bluefrog® veterinary management system with which the …Continue reading

  • Cartridge

    Diagnostic chips for electrolyte analysis The cartridge is a disposable chip for veterinarians to measure calcium and magnesium levels in animal blood, in a few minutes and @point-of-care (in the stable, pasture or practice). Vet and owner can now diagnose …Continue reading