About us

Founded by Daan Sistermans and Erik Staijen, Blue4Green is the result of a cooperative venture of Twente University (The Netherlands) and the Medimate company.

Blue4Green is a young, innovative company developing technology for better and faster methods to diagnose ailments and diseases in animals. Blue4Green’s technology enables veterinary professionals to diagnose on the spot, allowing for precautionary measures and faster treatment of sick animals.

The groundbreaking technology developed and employed by Blue4Green opens the door to new opportunities to improve the welfare of animals and people.

Mission: Connect to give the right insight

Blue4Green aims to provide insight @point of animal care with the mobile veterinary laboratory and veterinary management system. This enables professionals to react quickly and guarantee animal health using prevention programs.

Insight @point of animal care and preventive action is needed more than ever, because of the effects of intensive farming on human and animal health. We believe that connecting people, animals and their environment provides clear insights that will lead to a more sustainable world.

We connect to give the right insight.


The team
Blue4Green consists of young professionals and partners who complete their task in their own way. We always try to operate from our own insight and are keen to challenge each other in order to a create a better understanding about the problems we solve with our products.

All our employees and partners have the space to focus on their talents. We ensure that the identity of the organization, employees, partners and the products or services are on the same pages.

By doing so we hope that we bring people, brand and organization in harmony in order to create the energy and passion we need to achieve our mission. The success of Blue4Green is fueled by talent, skills, expertise and the enthusiasm of the team that brings the product to the customer.

First the core, then the force.


Work with us?
We are constantly looking for talent. Our team is professional, but the atmosphere is casual and friendly. Please contact us for more information.

  • The science

    The Lab-on-a-Chip technology was developed in an international effort spanning many years. In 2000, the Lab-on-a-chip Group at Twente University and the MESA+ Institute for nanotechnology started a collaborative study into new methods to measure lithium levels in blood samples. …Continue reading

  • The technology

    Blue4Green’s solution comprises two individual parts: Labbook® and the cartridge. The cartridges measures the levels of calcium in a drop of blood or urine. The results are then read with the aid of the Labbook®. After use, the cartridge is discarded …Continue reading