The new Labbook: take your lab everywhere


A new generation Labbooks will appear in 2015. A Labbook that connects to other modern devices and brings the newest technology to the barn. The new Labbook is smaller, so it’s easily carried to every animal in need of care. But that’s not the only feature making the Labbook the ideal mobile lab: the improved battery allows for twenty hours of non-stop analysis.

Just like many other innovations, the Labbook is controlled from your phone or tablet. The integrated Bluetooth connects to many other devices. An app immediately shows analysis results and allows you to share them with clients or colleagues.

The Labbook will still use the latest Lab-on-a-Chip technology. These chips perform analysis in the barn or field in only a few minutes. The results are uploaded to the online software system Bluefrog providing insight in all the results of the farm or animal. And one more great feature: you don’t have to spend any time on calibration, since the Labbook calibrates itself during analysis.

The new Labbooks are expected to arrive in the second quarter of 2015. Would you like more information now? Contact us!

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