Benefit from innovation

The speed of innovation is mind blowing. Only a few decades ago, computers were as big as class rooms, but now everybody has a smartphone. And there are even more possiblities: a new innovation that’s important to farming is the ‘Lab on a chip’. These disposable chips allow veterinarians to analyse blood samples withing a few minutes @point-of-care. With the result, they can treat diseases immediately.

Now, blood samples are being send to a lab and treatment can’t be started until the results come in. The latest advances in nanotechnology will change all this. It will enable analysis beside the animal in the barn or field.  The results can be discussed with the farmer immediately. Data is automatically saved in the cloud, creating a clear overview of the results for every animal.

Labbook: mobile laboratory

It is very likely that in the future every vet or consultant, and maybe even farmers, will always carry their own mobile lab. This device makes all information and knowledge available instantly, anywhere in the world.

Blue4Green developed such a device: the Labbook. Veterinarians can insert the Lab-on-a-chip in the Labbook and perform analyses within minutes. The results are visualized in charts right away and saved online in the Bluefrog veterinary management system.

The Labbook is much more than a gadget: it’s a kind of artificial intelligence that collects all relevant information in the background to help dairy farmers in their daily operations with insights and suggestions. It supports preventive programs that use  Lab-on-a-chip and sensors to inform veterinarians, consultants and farmers on preventing disease.

Better results with smart devices 

Do you think this only happens far away? Think about the rising of the mobile phone, now the smartphone. We can’t live without technology anymore. Dairy farming is no exception. We just don’t know how to benefit form the newest techniques, because it requires a new way of working. Handheld and portable devices can serve farmers by helping to raise production and overcome human shortcomings. Smart devices that cows wear on or in their bodies will form an extra sense for professionals and maybe even for the cow herself.

This requires us to form a new relationship with technology. It should serve the human and animal welfare, without dictating us. Blue4Green is ahead in implementing new technology in dairy farming.

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