Individual approach for a better transition

flowchartEvery dairy farm is different. The feed is different, the housing is incomparable between farms and everyone applies a different management. So why would almost all dairy farms receive the same advice when it comes to transition improvement? Concrete solutions are only possible after a thorough analysis of the causes of transition problems.

There are major differences between dairy farms when it comes to transition issues. At one farm more than half of the cows experience a deep dip with the accompanying symptoms. While at another farm hardly any disease occurs. The dip on those farms is limited to subclinical (invisible) deficiencies in calcium and energy.

The causes of the operational differences are as diverse as the solutions. It is therefore important to start with a proper analysis of the problems on a farm. By measuring calcium and ketone bodies, it becomes clear how deep the dip is on that particular farm. After a proper cause analysis, changes in housing, nutrition and management could make a huge difference. The cows would perform better and the farmer could work more comfortably.

Read all about uncovering the causes and getting to a solution in our whitepaper or contact us for advice.

For Dutch readers who wish to dig deep: this article by Rutgers describes the research on risk factors for metabolic disease on 59 Dutch farms.

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