Calcium analysis in arctic conditions

VSkalverenThe harsh winter that reigned in the USA didn’t stop Blue4Green from helping dairy farms improve on their transition management. The large size of the farms (350 – 4000 cows) in combination with the mobile handheld lab from Blue4Green allows for quick results and advice in one day.

Blue4Green visited the area around Ithaca in the North-East of the USA. Temperatures were well below freezing point at that time.

The Dry2Fresh program and the Labbook were introduced on seven dairy farms. Execution of the program took approximately 4 hours per farm. Data and blood samples were collected and results  were immediately presented at the farm.

The one day presentation of Dry2Fresh on large dairy farms proved to be an excellent program for dairy managers interested in evaluation of the transition management at their farms. Feedback from the dairy farmers was positive.

Based on the obtained results, observations on the farms and feedback from the farms, it can be concluded that the Dry2Fresh program has a place on large dairy farms. The immediate presentation for the farmer and a written report proved to be an excellent way to evaluate the transition period. The quick availability of Ca and Mg results made  the on-farm presentation much stronger. This was also appreciated by the dairy farmers.

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