Remarkable animation of Lab-on-a-Chip analysis

What’s not visible for the naked eye, comes to life in this animation about a lab the size of a chip.

Blue4Green uses Lab-on-a-Chip technology for its mobile handheld lab “The Labbook”. The technology is a tiny “lab” on a little chip that enables quick analysis on nearly every location.  The animation below shows the way it works.

The Lab-on-a-Chip technology is researched by the BIOS/Lab-on-a-Chip group at Twente University.

The chip uses capillary electrophoresis to analyze blood samples. This means that charged particles (ions) in the blood are moved through small channels by an electrical field. The particles, such as calcium and magnesium, are of different size, so they move at different speeds. One by one the analytes pass a detector that sends a current from one side of the channel to the other. The detector measures the current and passes the results to the reader which uses an algorithm to calculate the concentration of the analytes in the blood.

Blue4Green developed the first hand-held readers that enables the use of Lab-on-a-Chip at point of animal care. The chip and reader can be used safely and without any training. The only things needed are a droplet of blood and a few minutes of time!

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