A better transition? Check the transition dip

The transition period should provide a good start to the next lactation. But during this period, all cows experience a dip in calcium as well as energy levels. A deep dip causes problems that are detrimental to the cow’s health and production.

The dip is a deficit that occurs naturally around calving. The high milk production challenges the modern cow. The udder is given priority over other parts of the body in early lactation. If the availability of nutrients is too low to maintain milk production and metabolism, the cow experiences a deep dip.

Energy and calcium are especially scarce around calving, when low feed intake cannot fully compensate for the requirements of the start of lactation. She can cover a small deficit by using her body reserves, but when the dip gets too deep, the disease risk increases fast.

The dip is common and leads to costs for treatments and missed income due to decreased production. Most farms lose between € 10.000 and € 30.000 per year due to transition related problems.

Read more about the transition dip in our whitepaper or contact us for advice.

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