Blue4Green present at the World Economic Forum

WEFIn 1971, Klaus Schwab – then 33 years of age – founded The World Economic Forum with the aim ‘to Improve the State of the World’. Just a little over forty years later, an unprecedented number of 2,500 policy makers will meet to change the world for the better.

For the second time in its history, the forum will host 50 young and/or prospective managers and policymakers. These ‘Young Global Shapers’  are not invited to the forum because of their age but because of the new insights they have to offer. New, innovative companies will thus have the opportunity to talk in 500 microphones and Blue4Green will be one them. Erik Staijen (31) will be present in Davos to call attention to the impending global food shortages, to the possible solutions and to the contributions Blue4Green contributes to those solutions.

Food production

Before the current age bracket of 30-40 retires in 2050, the world population will have grown from 7 billion to 9.1 billion. In order to feed this growing population, the global food production must rise by 70%, with only 10% of new agricultural land and fresh water becoming increasingly scarce.

New methods in the prevention of animal diseases and new insights in the field of crop cultivation will eventually be crucial in our food production. Blue4Green contributes to these solutions using the latest micro, nano and ICT technologies to collect data and better our understanding of the health and development of animals. This allows us to keep healthy animals healthy and to cure the sick ones faster, ultimately making for more responsible and efficient methods to produce food such as reductions in the preventive use of antibiotics in stock farming.


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