A Growing Mission

In 2008 we started Blue4Green with the aim of creating a handheld laboratorium and PDA for veterinarians. We stated our mission as: ‘Connect to give the right insight.’

Now, we realize that an enormous problem is arising around us and that we can take up a bigger challenge than envisioned in 2008.

The world faces an unprecedented challenge as food demands grow rapidly on a planet with shrinking resources. We need to ask ourselves how we can create a sustainable balance between feeding the ballooning population and maintaining our natural habitat. This will ensure that we do not wipe out the natural flora and fauna in an attempt to produce more food to meet the needs of the population.

Next to the increase in population from 7.2 billion to 9.1 billion in 2050, the welfare of the earth’s population is growing rapidly. We can afford increasingly ‘better’ food. The dairy industry is expected to grow in the coming years. The meat and dairy production will be intensified, but limited resources will provide a huge challenge for the industry. Preventing disease and increasing the life expectancy of dairy cows, will be one of the few ways to produce more food in a sustainable way.

Western society demands an increase in animal welfare and a decrease in the use of antibiotics. Furthermore, the risks of diseases transmitted from animals to humans need to be minimized. This can only be achieved by preventing health problems, not just in individual animals, but in the complete herd.

Now, 4 years after starting Blue4Green, we realize that we can contribute more than ever to creating a better world. We expect that better insight at the point of animal care to prevent animal health problems will be crucial to create a more sustainable world. Therefore we will continue with even more dedication to make the relevant information available @point of animal care. We will increase the number of elements that can be detected by our products and put more effort in making the detection of viruses and bacteria possible @point of animal care.

 We connect to give the right insight



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