Military and Blue4Green collaborate on international diagnostics for horses

Military Boekelo-Enschede hosts the biggest horse event in the Netherlands. Sport safety has always topped their priority list. This has recently been given a boost through their collaboration with Blue4Green. The event and the innovative company, both from Twente, are working together on new diagnostics for race- and eventing horses all over the world. A possible application is measuring the degree of dehydration of a horse arriving at an event after a long journey. This way, a rider can take the physical condition of the horse into account and let the four-legged athlete participate safely.

Robert Zandstra, the director of the Military, is enthousiastic about this cooperation: “The Military and Blue4Green is an excellent match: both have their roots in Twente and both are known for their commitment to improving the health and safety of animals.”

To Erik Staijen, founder of Blue4Green, the event is a splendid opportunity: “We hope to give the development of equine diagnostics a flying start via the Military. One of our techniques is aimed at detecting dehydration in horses, and that is very important. Dehydration lowers coordination, which is crucial for show jumping. This is something which is difficult to detect by just looking at the horse, but our test shows within minutes whether or not the horse has lost too much fluid.”

During the Military, the Blue4Green team contributed to a seminar on Equine Medicine, where topics like measuring dehydration and other possible diagnostics for horses will be scrutinised by critical riders, trainers and veterinarians. Participants can also become acquainted with the methods used by Blue4Green. The aim is to advance the concept of equine diagnostics, so that every horse at the Military can reap the benefits within a few years.

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