International launch of Dry2Fresh Dutch transition program

Veterinarians and dairy farmers abroad have expressed considerable interest in Dry2Fresh, the innovative methodology to help cows through the transition period by Blue4Green.  A veterinarian practice in the United Kingdom has already started using Dry2Fresh for dairy farms and it will soon be rolled out in Argentinia as well.  Veterinarians from Germany and the United States have also requested more information.

Dairy farming in foreign countries are of course different to those in the Netherlands.  In the US, they are often much bigger and there are places in Argentinia where the cows are kept outside only.  The use of Dry2Fresh is equally applicable in diverse settings because calcium shortage and other problems during transition can be found everywhere.  Advice on how to improve these issues depends on the precise situation, so Dry2Fresh is implemented by local veterinarians.  They are best qualified to translate local problems to local solutions, so that dairy farmers can prevent health problems in the herd and save costs.

Bluefrog is now also available in English and Spanish to process data from foreign countries.  The website has also been translated to Spanish – click on the red/yellow flag above!

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